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Hi! I’m Jim Holliday, President of Bio Agri Mix.

I joined BAM in April of 2022 after spending the last 16 years of my career working in the feed additive business in the United States and Canada. Over my career, I’ve known BAM as a company with a strong reputation for consistently delivering high quality products that are valuable to the Canadian feed and veterinary markets for livestock and poultry.

As the company enters a new phase, I am excited to work with the new ownership group, DW Healthcare Partners, our management team, and all the employees at BAM on the next stage of our growth. Like you, we are navigating through the challenges of a post-COVID world, but I see many opportunities to continue to add value to our customers and partners.

  1. We will continue focusing on the core Canadian production animal markets where we’ve earned the right to play.
  2. Through continuous improvement, we will strengthen the BAM backbone competencies of Regulatory, Sourcing, and Quality.
  3. We will find opportunities to streamline our production facilities allowing us to be more efficient while not losing agility and building for the future.

Thank you to our customers and partners, some of whom have been a part of BAM’s nearly 40-year journey; I look forward to connecting with you soon. See you in the field.