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Bio Agri Mix strives to minimize antimicrobial resistance.

Bio Agri Mix is fully engaged on the issue of antimicrobial resistance. We know that producers, feedmill operators and Canadian consumers have concerns about antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in food animals as well as the possible transfer of resistant strains of bacteria to humans. At Bio Agri Mix, we are working hard to ensure that our processes and products minimize the risk of antimicrobial resistance and eliminate the risk of residue in food.

As the industry leader, Bio Agri Mix is also helping to guide the discussion of this complex issue by:

New regulations are coming

Health Canada is taking steps to better understand the complex connection between antimicrobial use in food animals and antimicrobial resistance in Canada. The federal government has established several multi-stakeholder groups to study the issue. Together with provincial and international governments, Health Canada will develop guidelines around the usage of antimicrobials in food animals that, where possible, will harmonize with the standards of our trading partners. 

Concerns and causes

Antimicrobial resistance makes it more difficult to treat disease, prevent illness and promote healthy production in livestock.  Resistance can develop in a variety of ways, including:

Our signature granulated feed additives go a long way to preventing antimicrobial resistance because they contribute to more accurate dosing. As we learn more about antimicrobial use and resistance, we will continue to improve our products to ensure the safety of our food system.