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Bio Agri Mix leads the way to safer, more effective medicated feed additives.

Our product line also includes water solubles.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the feed medicant industry, we offer our customers more than the broadest product range. We provide the total solution – current information, exceptional service and quality products.

Brittany Hagarty
Director of Finance

Hello! I’m Brittany Hagarty, Director of Finance at Bio Agri Mix.

I joined the BAM team in 2017, bringing with me a wealth of experience gained during my tenure in public accounting, where I served a client base encompassing manufacturing, construction, and not-for-profit organizations. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, and I have subsequently earned a CPA, CA designation. At BAM I’m responsible for the financial management and oversight of the organization.

The Finance and Customer Service team at Bio Agri Mix works hard to support our customers’ success. We serve as a frontline resource for customers to address inquiries and process orders. Through strategic inventory management, we coordinate product logistics to meet customer demands. Our team’s commitment to precision and excellence has played a vital role in supporting key business initiatives, ensuring compliance, and fostering a strong financial foundation for Bio Agri Mix’s continued growth.

I take great pride in contributing to BAM’s 40-year journey and am excited about being a key participant in its upcoming phase of continued growth.

Bio Agri Mix stays ahead of industry changes.

We’ve been in business for more than 40 years, but every day we challenge ourselves to improve our medical feed additives while acting ethically with our customers, vendors and staff. The safety of animals, workers and, ultimately, consumers depends on how well we do our job. That’s why we continue to focus on:

We source only high quality raw ingredients.

We maintain an in-house laboratory and experienced team of feed specialists.

We are Canada’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant as recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

We’re also approved by Health Canada and the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Our significant investment in technology ensures the quality of our products.

In over 40 years in business, we’ve had NO product recalls.

We offer industry-leading granulation of feed additives.

Our leading-edge technology ensures safety for the people handling our products.

Consistent product mixing in finished feed safeguards target animals.

Granulation technology provides consistent delivery of our product in finished feed.

Consistent delivery optimizes efficacy and results in peak animal performance.

Many of our products contain a microtracer which allows staff to easily trace the product at production sites.

Our in-house laboratory facilities provide rapid feed assays should a more in-depth analysis be required.

BAM’s 3 Uniques and Advantages in the Market Place

1.Product Ease of Use & Safety – Granulated feed additives
2.Company Wide Access & Technical Support – R&D
3. Flexibility & Consistency of Supply – In-house lab – agility in production – local logistics advantage

Our staff adheres to a strict code of conduct and follows all government guidelines, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) measures. Bio Agri Mix participates in internationally recognized best practices of quality assurance and management.

We take responsibility for keeping our stakeholders informed.

Because we are the leader in the Canadian feed additive industry, we take responsibility for helping to inform our stakeholders. We believe that by providing the right products and the right information, we can help our customers, vendors, consumers and the Canadian government make informed decisions about policies and practices in our rapidly changing industry.

Our industry is changing and we’re changing with it.

There are three key issues on the horizon that will transform the way we do business.

  1. Veterinarians will have increased responsibilities with ensuring prudent antimicrobial use in the future.
  2. Human Safety: Bio Agri Mix is leading the way in producing products that reduce risk to material handlers.
  3. Antimicrobial Resistance: We take our industry leadership role with respect to prudent antimicrobial use seriously. We support voluntarily eliminating antimicrobials for growth promotion, and we are investing in research that demonstrates the therapeutic efficacy of our products.

To stay ahead of our complex and changing industry, we have done extensive research and produced technical documents around these key issues.

If you want more information on our products or any of these topics, please contact us.